In June 2014 I was approached by an architect by the name of Peter Yeh, to commission a special ring for his wife Caroline. Peter had previously attended one of my Christmas openings where Adina Jozsef and I had the Workshopped Studio Residency. Back then he had purchased a few 3D printed rings from us and liked my aesthetics. This ring was to celebrate 25 years of their marriage together as well replace their original ring. It was a great project for me to work on and since then I have established a friendship with Peter and Caroline. They have supported and attended some of my exhibitions and markets.
The greatest enjoyment with this project was Peter allowed me to have freedom over the design development. I came up with the concept of the Japanese water motif. A water symbol which is visually repetitious and applied through traditional crafts. A beautiful visual element which speaks to me about flow, movement and importantly life. I gave Peter a choice of three working concepts but this one he selected resonated strongly with him the most. A process of corresponding with drawings and emails resolved into a stunning piece of work. I designed the packaging for this ring and marked the box with my kanji signature. Thank you Peter for this wonderful opportunity!