JMGA Conference: EGGSHELL INLAY with Bic Tieu

This year I took on a challenge to teach Eggshell Inlay to a group of 15 participants from jewellery making backgrounds. I was invited by the Jewellers and Metalsmith Guild Australia (JMGA-NSW) to run a workshop corresponding with the 16th JMGA Conference in Sydney. The workshop took place at UNSW Art and Design (formally known as the College of Fine Arts - COFA) over two consecutive days.

Eggshell is not a main medium in my work but it is a recurring surface material in which I apply to investigate surface language on wearable forms and vessel objects. Eggshell Inlay is a specific technique which falls under the umbrella of East-Asian Lacquer. Recognised by its white mosaic characteristics which produces a charming and calming appearance. The technique is laborious, time consuming and rewarding. It requires detail knowledge and lots of patience. The other material which was brought into the workshop included mother of pearl minute pieces. I wanted to show the iridescent quality of shell and its application. I encouraged the workshop participants to integrate other materials to this technique. I believe there are many opportunities to create various surface investigations.