During my residency at the WORKSHOPPED studio in 2014, a lovely woman by the name of Julie Irving was very interested in my Integrated Box Earring designs. These came in a series of four various designs. The concept of these work explored the wearable in a box form. I have a love for miniature vessels and forms of containment and often interpret work this way. These designs were earrings, but when placed in this container became the object. So when not in use the earrings had a holder to return to. Julie wanted the wearable part to be a cufflink. She was thinking about her son's 30th birthday. Because of the nature of the design these could easily translate into cufflinks. So with some effort I transformed them into cufflinks. I thought it was a lovely coincidence when realising the birthday fell in the zodiac month of aquarius, the water symbol. These boxes too carry within their surface design the traditional Japanese water wave motif.