How Does Your Garden Grow?

goulburn.art REGIONAL GALLERY put this question towards 14 artists which resulted with flourishing interpretations across various mediums. I responded with a series of nine brooches, two rings and a pair of earrings using mono colours of black and white | silver and ebony. How Does Your Garden Grow? My response resulted with the imagination of taking the anatomy of a flower via a design process to create a garden of graphic metal work. Primarily, it sets the theme for this series. The application of floral depiction is a recurring concept in my work, often explored for new surface translation. The negative and positive line work of this floral motif: the Peony flower is juxtaposed to develop new forms. Graphic exploration is layered with contextual imagery to generate distinctive responses addressing a garden of wearable jewellery.

The second series explores the graphic illustration on a geometric format. Depicting an assemble of sun flowers and other motifs in the series using jewellery as a frame. The illustrated line is applied as a graphic to create texture on an ebony surface via the combination of laser engraved and hand processes.

In this Jewellery Garden, the composition of a design process layered with contextual auspicious symbolism, materiality and methods are the main growing ideas for this collection. The work is currently on show at Goulburn Art Regional Gallery from 3 February to 18 March 2017. They are located on the corner of Bourke and Church Street in Goulburn. Thank you especially to Angela D'Elia and the team for including me in this curated exhibition. Thank you also to my dearest Vince for the long drive to the opening exhibition and supporting me on an important day. I had a memorable day and great time with you viewing the works of the other artists.
Thank you goulburn.art for the photo of me and my work.