BETWEEN AUSPICIOUS FORMS: Contemplative Jewellery & Objects

Currently on show, is a new body of work exhibited at Fairfield City Gallery Museum. The works titled Between Auspicious Forms is a collection of jewellery and objects looking into the cultural details of my Chinese heritage. The works investigates a personal trail of ceremonial offerings, deities and ancestry. Through my practice of metal and lacquer expressions, I seek to create a dialogue which connects the rich symbolism of these themes. A catalogue has been made in conjunction with this exhibition. It is a lovely document and reminder of my achievements up to date. I would not have been able to successfully resolve this without the support from the team at Conway Design. Their amazing design thinking and resolution into a graphic format compassionately aligns with my aesthetic. Included in this catalogue is a wonderful catalogue written by Kevin Murray. I am so impressed by how perfect he has been able to capture the essence of my practice. Thank you Kevin! The collection of works is on display at Fairfield City Gallery Museum between 20 August 2016 to 26 November 2016. Two workshops will be operating via this exhibition. The first workshop took place back on 17th September. It was a Riveting Perspex workshop. The next workshop will be on 15th October on Eggshell Inlay. The collection of works will tour to a new venue in 2017. It will be shown in Spring 2017 at Stanley Street Gallery. Please stay connected for dates!