It was especially special to have Emma Grindley and Asher Milgate ask me to design and hand make their wedding bands. Emma and Asher got married on the 20th day of September 2014. My first commission to design and hand make wedding bands. This was a significant project for me because I felt so touched to be the maker of their bands. Emma knew exactly how she wanted her wedding band. A simple pave set diamond band to match her engagement ring. Asher on the other hand was not entirely sure. He gave me the opportunity to work through some ideas with him. What strongly resonated with me about Asher was his love for the Australian landscape, nature and people. This connection comes from his home upbringing in New South Wales, Wellington. For his ring design, I carved a river bed which wrapped around the ring. Through which layers of red earth coloured lacquer and gold powders were then layered until flush against the surface. The lovely organic colour of the lacquer set in contrast against polished yellow metal. What a significant time it was for the couple and I wish them both happiness and longevity in their journeys together.